Inspiring experiences based on interests and intent

Providing shoppers with personalized experiences based on interests and intent is increasingly important, leading to better conversion, repeat purchases and greater brand affinity

But harnessing the best social and marketing content in the right parts of your shoppers journey and ensuring its relevant is challenging

Data driven content targeting & delivery

Knexus platform uses AI, proprietary algorithms and real time decision making to automatically match shopper data with social and marketing content, delivering highly relevant experiences in real time to the leading ecommerce platforms

Better conversion rates & repeat purchase

Putting your social and marketing content to work in a highly targeted way improves conversion rates, increases average order value and creates a more memorable shopping experience. With real time decision making and seamless ecommerce integration, your content works harder but you don’t have to

Integrating social content in buying journeys

Give your customers the confidence and inspiration to buy

Have you got social content (e.g. celebrity endorsements, influencers, tips and how to guides) that can positively influence purchasing decisions. Why not put it to work more effectively by integrating social content into your ecommerce journeys in a contextually relevant, highly targeted way

Using proprietary algorithms and real time decision making, Knexus automatically chooses the best social content to display for individual shoppers on category & product pages or elsewhere in your digital store

Improve your conversion rate and average order value, grow your organic traffic and get customers returning for more

Knexus AI driven approach delivers confidence inspiring scalability whilst reducing resource requirements

See how Knexus delivers more profitable shopper experiences

  • Grow repeat purchase
  • Strengthen brand engagement
  • 9% Increase in conversion

Marketing content helping customers make purchase decisions

How effective is your brand at taking the great marketing content generated by your in-house marketing experts, agencies, video production and other content creators, and embedding it into your customer's buying journey to improve conversion and loyalty

Let's face it, there's a lot of financial, creative and resource investment that goes into generating content to inform and inspire your audience. But finding the right content for the right customer at the right moment in their digital journey is key to success

Using Knexus, harness the latest AI and proprietary algorithms to identify your customer's profile, behaviour and predicted requirements, then match that with the best available content

The result is highly relevant or personalized experiences delivered in real time, that help your customer make decisions and you sell more

Learn how Knexus helps improve sales

  • 12% increase in ave. order value
  • Improve conversion
  • Grow organic performance

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