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Get personal or get left behind

Your customers expect timely, relevant experiences from your brand. When you start to meet those expectations, sales increase and so does customer loyalty

Knexus makes the right content decisions for you

Knexus platform uses AI, proprietary algorithms and real time decision making to automatically match your customer data with social and marketing content. It then delivers highly targeted content experiences in real time for customers on websites, mobile apps or other digital touchpoints

Seamless integration

Use Knexus API to quickly and easily connect up your content sources, such as social channels or CMS, and data systems including CRM & Data Management

More relevant customer journeys

Create more compelling customer experiences on your website or mobile app, with content specifically targeted for the needs of individual customers or audience segments. When you increase content relevance and value in key areas of the customer journey such as home or product pages, the results are stronger engagement and improved conversion

Knexus uses AI, proprietary algorithms and real time decision making to automatically find the best available social and marketing content matched to customer data. It then delivers highly relevant customer experiences in real time to your website or mobile app

Use personalized customer journeys to grow sales in your business and improve content ROI. You’ll also reduce costs through automated content discovery, selection, delivery and optimization

Learn how Knexus AI optimized customer journeys increase sales

  • Grow Sales
  • Reduce Costs
  • 45% increase in Content ROI

The right content every time for your sales team

Automatically match the most relevant research and other sales related content with individual clients and deliver it to the appropriate sales person instantly

Using proprietary algorithms and real time decision making, Knexus continuously searches available content in your business and matches it with clients, based on your sales team’s latest objectives. Content recommendations, personalized for individual clients, are delivered in real time to sales team members e.g. via email alerts, a personal dashboard or CRM system

Enhance sales team performance whilst maximizing the value of research or other content. Simultaneously save your sales colleagues vital time with automated content decision making and delivery

See how Knexus helps sales teams achieve their targets

  • 11% sales increase
  • Increase content ROI
  • Save time and resource

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