Integrate your blog into your ecommerce store

Did your brand commit to a blogging strategy back in the day which now means your blog is separate from your ecommerce site? Migrating your blog platform over to your website is not an easy task & many brand’s don’t have the resource or bandwidth to do so. Enter Knexus.  


Blog platform vs ecommerce platform

Most blogging strategies employed many years ago are no longer effective & likely mean your blog is separate from your ecommerce store. These outdated blog strategies are a catalyst for poor website traffic, ranking ability, sales & engagement. 

Blog Platform

  • SEO: ranking ability
  • visibility: website traffic
  • Engagement across your ecommerce site
  • Ability to monetize Blog content

Ecommerce Platform

  • SEO ranking ability: more crawlable content, keywords & backlinks
  • visibility: Increased website visits
  • Ability to monetize blog content

Benefits of Knexus

Automatically integrate your blog into your ecommerce site. No manual resource.

Knexus allows you to seamlessly move your blog from A to B without the headache of migrating the entire platform. Your content hub will automatically be integrated into the entire ecommerce journey across individual buying moments for each customer.

Dynamically match individual shoppers to the most relevant content

Knexus automatically matches each shopper to the most relevant blog posts & articles, surfacing & showcasing your content to the right shoppers at the key moment, giving them the confidence & validation to purchase.

Automatically display personalized products alongside the content

At the same time as a shopper is consuming the content, Knexus automatically displays the most relevant product recommendations alongside the content – creating a seamless transition to customized products.

Integrate fully personalized & shoppable content directly into your app for every user

The need

Brands invest a lot of time and resource into driving traffic to the ecommerce store. If you’re blog is separate from your ecommerce store you are missing out on significant volumes of traffic.

The more content you have on your site, the more your website will index and the more shoppers will find their way to your store. If not, you’re allowing your competitors to gain adavantage across SERPs.

The challenge

Brands put this blog migration off as it is a big disruption, requiring scarce resources & time which takes away for other ecommerce priorities. So, the challenge is how to integrate your blog into your ecommerce site with minimal effort, technical resources and disruption. Is this possible? With Knexus it is. 

The solution

Instead of going through the headache of migrating your blog platform, why not leave it where it is and dynamically integrate the content into your ecommerce site instead? Knexus allows you to do just that. Knexus automatically matches each shopper to relevant content and dynamically showcases it across individual buying journeys on your ecommerce store with no manual input required. 

Choose the content you want to transform 

Instagram posts? Videos? Blog posts? Everything?

Knexus is versatile and adaptable to your ecommerce goals. You can choose how you use Knexus, whether that’s for one specific type of content such as Instagram, video, blog, brand content, or absolutely everything. Take a look at the subscription plans to choose the best way to make content sell for your brand.

Choose the content to transform

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