Solutions – eCommerce Conversion

Responding to the digital first generation of shoppers who expect engaging, personalized experiences, brands are generating more social and marketing content than ever before. From how-to videos & style or buyer guides, to celebrity endorsements and influencer’s inspirations, great content impacts buying behaviour.

But integrating this content into eCommerce in a resource and time effective way is a challenge, whilst ensuring the content is relevant and personalized for shoppers is key to maximising the impact. Knexus AI driven, fully automated and real time capabilities provide the ideal solution.

Here’s how Knexus can enable your brand to deliver hyper-relevant content experiences to customers at scale and speed, improving eCommerce conversion, average order value and sales.

Create a single, virtual view of your content

Ensures each customer gets the most relevant, best and latest content to help them make a buying decision

Understands your customers needs, wants and barriers

Uses machine learning and AI to generate powerful customer intelligence, such as customers profile, behaviour and journey

Selects the right content for each customer

Chooses the content that will be most helpful to each customer, based on their journey and needs, in real time

Auto integrates best content at scale and speed

Delivers the most relevant content experience for each customers across owned channels, or via the sales and customer service teams

How are brands using Knexus to Grow eCommerce Conversion

Customer Journey Content Integration

Integrate your most valuable content effectively into eCommerce buying journeys, to deliver relevance at scale & grow sales

Site Traffic to eCommerce Store

Engage your brand site visitors with highly relevant content that helps them find and spend in your eCommerce shop

Client Case Studies

Iconic Fashion brand automatically integrated influencer content into eCommerce buying journeys, acquiring more new customers and improving conversion.

  • 21%
    new customers
  • 8%
    increase in

Consumer Products company optimized content automatically at scale in their buying journeys to enhance the direct-to-consumer brand experience and improve conversion

  • 60%
    uplift in
    store traffic
  • 32%
    increase in
    eCommerce sales

World renowned football club integrated most relevant products & other high value content, within its brand site journeys to grow internal traffic to its eCommerce store

  • 40%
    growth in
    store traffic
  • 17%
    higher average
    order value