Sales Enablement

Content marketing is one of the most significant investments of budget, resource and focus for many marketing teams. And yet too often sales teams are unable to harness that content effectively.

Now imagine how automatically putting targeted, relevant content in front of sales colleagues to support sales conversations can empower those sales people. And how about if you could do that in real time, with clear analytics to demonstrate what content drives sales success.

AI Decision Making Engine

Knexus is the AI decision making tool that slots in quickly and easily between existing content sources and customer data to power the selection of content for sales colleagues.

By dynamically tracking the widest, latest and best selection of content available, data on each salesperson's requirement and overall sales performance, Knexus automatically selects and delivers the best content to support sales conversations. It then continuously uses this data to optimize recommendations.

Simple Integration with API Interface

Knexus API architecture makes it simple and easy to plug the tool into the preferred sales interface used by sales colleagues. Whether that's Salesforce, a chatbot or proprietary contact centre screen, content is delivered and displayed using flexible options to meet your working processes and sales objectives.

Similarly Knexus plugs into the existing marketing systems that define and orchestrate marketing objectives, leveraging that data to ensure success.

Powerful Data Analytics

Creating great content which doesn't get effectively utilized is frustrating. Not knowing which content delivers results is crippling when it comes to adopting an agile marketing approach, where you're able to test, learn and grow.

Knexus secure, Cloud Portal puts the marketing team in control, with integrated analytics providing powerful data on where content is delivering better sales outcomes and which content works best.

Insurance Brand Case Study

By empowering the sales team with highly relevant content for the right customer and at the right time, sales performance has improved with pipeline conversion increasing 20%. Meantime, instead of spending time to find the right content for the right customer, sales reps are now spending 35% more time in selling.